HeAge of exploration Notes
So the age of discovery was a time in history when most european countries set out in search for the spice islands,gold and christian converts
This was a time when new trade routes were discovered and it was also a time when new metals were found and lost tribes were discovered. The British Empire back then was one of the most powerful in all of Europe and were in a good position for exploration and discovery as countries in Europe fought for world domination. The Spanish took a lot of gold from the Americans and didn’t stop at that killing hundreds of them. A ship was designed called the carvel which was fast and easy to maneuver and because it had such a shallow hull it could sail closer to the shore. It was one of the best inventions in the ancient world as it was easy to make and extremely sturdy with its triangular sails. Christopher Columbus took two of these with him on his voyage to the new world. They weighed roughly around 60 tones and were only 25 meters long making it one of the smallest boats for sailing and even fishing. This boat also increased Spain’s involvement in trade.Not everyone who went to the new world was in the hunt for gold and slaves religious figures from Europe went to try and spread the Christianity.During these times Spain was a very powerful part of europe and being right next to portugal these two civilizations were fierce rivals through history.
Below map of Spain and Portugal

external image detailed_physical_map_of_portugal_and_spain.jpg
external image detailed_physical_map_of_portugal_and_spain.jpg

Henry the navigator

a map of sagres
a map of sagres

a map of sagres
 A picture af a caravell
A picture af a caravell

A picture af a caravell

Henry the navigator is famous for being the first to get around africa and discovering
India aswell as for settingup a school for discovery and exploration.He went on voyage
from 1944-1946.He also played a key roll in thedevelopment of Portuguese trade.

Bartholomew Diaz
external image dias2.gif
external image dias2.gif
external image draft_lens18366724module152531982photo_1313800512portugal_bartolomeu_dias.
external image draft_lens18366724module152531982photo_1313800512portugal_bartolomeu_dias.

Bartholomew Dias came from a noble Portuguese family and his father attended the Portuguese court. It is believed
that Dias came from a family of seamen and explorers including Joao Dias who sailed around Cape Bojador in 1434
and Diniz Dias who discovered the Cape Verde Islands.He was well educated and came from a wealthy family.

Christopher Collumbus

external image 500px-Primer_viaje_de_Col%C3%B3n.svg.png
external image 500px-Primer_viaje_de_Col%C3%B3n.svg.png

Columbus discovered water routes which would eventually lead to the Colonization of North America. Both American and European
lives were changed.Chocolate, potatoes, tomatoes, and various peppers and spices became more common in Europe after this.
These imports majorly changed what people ate back then.Tobacco also began to make its impact.

Vasco da Gama

external image 220px-Vasco-da-gama-2.jpg
external image 220px-Vasco-da-gama-2.jpg

Vasco da Gama is famous for being the first presion to sail directly from Europe to India.
He was born into a noble familly in 1460.In 1497 he was promoted to being in charge of
an expedition that had to find a maritime route east of portugal.Given the role he set of the
same year and taking advantage of the strong prvailing winds he sailed down the coast of
africa.He took on an arab navigator when he went back up that helped them reach the indian
coast of calicut.returning to portugal the king dispached antoher fleet to secure the route at calicut.

Ferdinand Magellan

external image Magellan.jpg

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 and died in 1520 and led his first
voyage in 1519 and that was from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean
he was also the to circumnavigate the globe.He went on many journeys
around the globe but was eventually killed in a battle in the philippines.
His ship was called the santiago.

Francis Drake

first voyage 1577

map of journey

external image image003.gif
name of ship pelican/golden hind

circumnavigated the world

Abel Tasman

first voyage 1642

map of journey

external image cooks-voyage-1770.jpg
name of ships Heemskerck and the Zeehae

sighted fiji
discovered north africa
discovered tonga
discovered tasmania
New Zealand
mapped the east coast of australia

William Dampier

first voyage 1688

map of journey

external image dampier-map.jpg
name of ships the roebuck,the duke,the saint george

discovered shark bay on the west coast of australia

James Cook

first voyage 1768

map of journey
external image cooks-voyage-1770.jpg

name of ships Endeavour,Resolution and the adventure.

discovered australia