This is a map of Portugal and on it is Sagres, Henry the Navigators base. In sagres, Henry opened a school of navigation.
Henry the Navigator was the third child of John I of Portugal, who was the founder of the Aviz dynasty. Henry, like his father, was a very important person in the Portugese Empire, after being responsilbe for the europen exploration and maratime trade with other continents.
Henry the Navigators base, Sagres, is in the bottom left corner of this map.
Henry the Navigator (1394-1460)

A caravel - A spanish/Portugese ship which was used in the 15th-17th century.
Henry The Navigator's school of navigation - Located in Sagres.

The Famous Explorers

Bartolomeu Dias - 1482
Bartolomeu Dias was born in 1451, and died in 1500. He was not only a Portugese nobleman, but an explorer too. Dias was the first European to sail around the southernmost tip of Africa. His expidition, was originally for finding new trade routes with India. His first ship was used for his first voyage, and was named the "São Cristóvão".
Bartolomeu Dias' Voyage
Bartolomeu Dias' Voyage
Bartolomeu Dias
Bartolomeu Dias

Christopher Columbus -1492

Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailer and navigator. He was born in the Republic of Genoa, and in his early adulthood, he worked in cartography. He was then appointed to a voyage headed to India, to trade spices. He lead this great expedition, with his three ships, the Santa Maria, the Nina and the Pinta.
Christopher Columbus

The route which Christopher Columbus took in 1492

‍Vasco da Gama - 1498

Vasco da Gama was one of the most successful explorers in the Age of discovery. He was a Portugese explorer and his voyage went from Europe directly to Africa. He set out in 1497, with four ships. The Sao Gabriel, the Sao Rafael, the Caravel Berrio and a supplies ship of unknown name. The journey all together was a larger distance than around the equator, and two of the four ships were lost at sea.
Vasco de Gama
The map of his voyage - 1497-1498

Ferdinand Magellan - 1520

Ferinand Magellan was a Portugese explorer who was the leader of the first expedition which sailed around the world. This voyage started in 1519 and lasted up until 1522. Ferdinand left on his journey with 5 ships. The San Antonio, the Conception, the Trinidad, the Victoria and the Santiago. After three years away at sea, when they finally returned, only one ship came back. This ship was the Victoria. Ferinand Magellan was also the man who named the Pacific Ocean (peaceful sea). He also named the oceanic strait in which he travelled here, the "Strait of Magellan".
Map of his Voyage

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1522)
Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1522)

Early English and Dutch Explorer

Francis Drake - 1577-1580

Francis Drake was a sea caption, expeditioner and polition of the Elizabethan Era. He was awarded the Drake night hood in 1581 and was the second in charge of many voyages. He led thesecond expiation ehich was to sail around the world, as Ferdinand Magellan lead the first. He left on his journey, with a fleet of five ships, but however he returned home, with not one. This was a very important voyage as he was the first Englishman to properly investigate Magellan's route.
Francis Drake
Francis Drake

Drake's Route
Drake's Route

Abel Tasman - 1642

Abel Tasman (1603-1659) was a Dutch explorer and merchant. He was the first european explorer to navigate their way through Van Diemen's land (nowadays called Tasmania), Fiji islands, New Zealand and areas of Tonga. Abel's first voyage, was for the VOC. He was second in command for the expedition which was to the North Pacific. His fleet had five ships. The Engel and the Gracht. Tasman was also, alongside a fellow navigator and merchant, responsible for the mapping of New Zealand and some of the Pacific Islands.
Abel Tasman
Abel Tasman

Map of Tasman's Route
Map of Tasman's Route

William Dampier - 1688

William Dampier (1651-1715) was a British mapmaker, seaman and explorer. He was the first man to circumnavigate the world three times. He was also the first man to discover New Holland (Australia). He sailed on his voyage from the Cygnet coast of England to the West coast of Australia. After his voyage, he published a book called "New Voyage Around the World". He was then sent back on a ship, after his books success and discovered Shark Bay, which is in West Australia.
William Dampier
William Dampier

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James Cook - 1768-1771

James Cook (1728-1779) was an English explorer and navigator. He was the leader of many famous expiditions, but his most famous (often called the first fleet) took place in 1768-71. Cook sailed to the Pacific Ocean in hope of finding land worth exploring. On his great journey, he found the East Coast of Australia (New Holland). James Cook also found/navigated New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and Hawaii. He then led two more voyages through this area, with more experience. He was the first navigator to have taken a voyage on such a large scale in one trip.
Caption James Cook
Caption James Cook

JAmes cook.png
Cook's Route