Henry the NavigatorHenry the Navigator had a very significant role in the age of exploration He sent many expeditions to the west coast of Africa and southwards as he looked for a sea route to the spice islands
Step 1
Place Sagres on a map of Portugal that you have downloaded, and indicate it was Henry the Navigator's base.
portugal map.jpg

Sagres is on the coast of portugal, down at the bottom it is at the end of the cape and below Sines.
This is where Henry the Navigators base was.
Step 2 - make notes
What sort of people did Henry encourage to work at Sagres? Why? For what reason is he famous and why was he given the title 'the navigator'? You will find many of the answers to these questions on the following page.
See if you can find a picture of (a) Henry the Navigator, (b) a caravel and (c) the School of Navigation to add to your notes.

The main people who were encouraged by henry to work at his school of navigation were the best nautical scientists in europe at the time. He wanted the scientists (or scholars)to advise and teach captains about atlantic currents and wind patterns so they could explore uncharted areas and discover more trade routes. They Scholars also invented the caravel, a strong light ship that could travel fastwhile being a strong naval force.

Henry was famous for encouraging exploration and because of his achievements the Portuguese were eventually able to sail around the cape of good hope and up to the spice islands.
external image 1194-004-7310C23A.jpg

The Famous Explorers

Step 3
Write a brief biography of each explorer below. This should include:
  • date of voyage
  • a map of his journey (find one and cut & paste it into your wiki page)
  • name of ship(s)
  • importance of the voyage (the first to do what?)
If you find any good pictures (portraits, their ships, etc.) add them to your notes as well

Names & Dates of journeys

  • ‍Bartholomew Dias 1482

  • ‍Christopher Columbus 1492

  • ‍Vasco da Gama 1498

  • ‍Ferdinand Magellan 1520

Bartholomew Dias

Bartholomew Dias is famous for his achievment of being the first to sail around the cape of good hope. His Ship was called Sao Cristovao. The voyage was started in 1482 but he reached the cape in 1488.
external image 220px-Bartolomeu_Dias_Voyage.PNG

Christopher Columbus

Christopher columbus departed on 1492 and discovered alot of asia so trade was more possible. He wasthe first to discover much asia.
He had three ships, The Santa Maria, Pinta and the Santa Clara.

external image 400px-Columbus_first_voyage.jpg

Vasco Da Gama

Vasco's journey started in 1497, he dicovered much of the world for europe, he travelled to mombasa, then malindi, and then calicut in india.
There were four ships involved in his journey.
-The Sao Gabriel (commanded by Vasco Da Gama)
-The sao Rafael (commanded by Vasco's brother, Paula Da Gama)\
-The Sao

Vasco da Gama's journey.png


Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to sail from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean. He started this journey in 1520 and he himself died along the way. The voyage ended in 1522.
THe ships involved in the journer were:
- The Trinidad
- The San Antonio
- The Concepcion
- The Santiago
- The Victoria
external image 800px-Magellan_Elcano_Circumnavigation-en.svg.png

Step 4
Put a title - Early English and Dutch Explorers
Write a very brief biography of each explorer below, covering the following points:
  • date of voyage
  • a map of his journey (find one and cut & paste it into your wiki page)
  • name of ship(s)
  • importance of the voyage (the first to do what?

Early English and Dutch Explorers

Francis Drake

Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. He started in 1577 and ended in 1580.
His fleet included 5 ships.
- The Pelican (later renamed The Golden Hind)
- The Elizabeth
- The Marigold
- The Swam
- The Benedict

Francis Drake.jpg

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman was the first person to discover Tasmania (first named Van Diemen's land), and the first european to discover New Zealand. He started the voyage in 1642 and finished the voyage in 1643
His ship was called The Engel

William Dampier

William Dampier discovered shark bay on the western coast of australia. He started his journey in 1688.
He had 3 ships.
- The Roebuck
- The Duke
- The Saint George

James Cook

James Cook was one of the most famous explorers ever. He discovered Australia and mapped the east coast. He started his voyage in 1768.
He had 3 ships.
- The Endeavor
- The Resolution
- The
JAmes cook.png