150px-Armas_duque_viseu_svg.pngthis is the coat of arms for henry the navigator

220px-Henry_the_Navigator1.jpgThis is the portrait of henry the navigator
henry was born in 1394 in porto, he was the third son to philipa af lancester, the sister of king henry the forth of england. when he was 21 his dad and brother captureed the moorish of ceuta in northern marroca.
dias.jpg Bartolomeu Dias The Explorers ship.jpg

he was born 1451 29th of may. he was the first man to sail round the tip of africa.
barts expedidion saild south along the west coast of africa, after he sailed past angola, dias reached the golf da conciaco by december. having rounded the cape of hope at a considerable distance, dias continued east and entered at what he called anga de sao bras on 3rd of febuary. Dias expedition reached its furthast point on the 12th of march1488 when they anchored at kwaaihoek.

Bartolomeu Dias The Explorers ship.jpg
Christopher Columbus.jpgthis is a portrait of chris columbus
Chris columbus was born on the 31st of october 1451 in genoa, part of italy. his farther was a middle class wool weaver who worked both in genoa and in sanova and and also owned a cheese stand where chris worked as a helper. under the mongol empieres europeans had long enjoyed a safe land way to china and india wich were sorces of valuble goods. with the fall of constinople to the turks in 1453, the land route to aisa became more difficult and dangerous. in the 1480's the columbus brothers had developed a diffferent plan to reach the indies by sailing west across the ocean sea's.

220px-Vasco-da-gama-2.jpgThis is a portrait of vasco da gama
Vasco da gama was born in 1460(unknown date and month), in siens on the south west coast of portagle.